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Ride home on a Yamaha RX!

Anyone can ride around the world by motorcycle, even complete beginners! This mind-blowing concept is unique to Hearts & Tears. OK, only extraordinary (some would say crazy) people could take on such a challenge, but it can be done. If this excites you, we’ll provide a custom built, retro-styled Yamaha RX with luggage; a day's class on adventure riding techniques; mechanics lessons; tools & spares for the trip; advice on safety kit; and help to minimise the price of your Carnet de Passage. The total price for the bike and all these services is US $2600. Order your RX two months in advance and it’ll be waiting here when you arrive. How cool is that?!

The Yamaha RX is a classic bike in South Asia. They've got a great power-to-weight ratio, they're small, and there are plenty of modifications that can be done to them - which is where the fun starts! The roads that you will take on your overland adventure put most off-road bikes to the test, therefore we've installed larger front shocks, raised the front fender and fitted spacers on the rear. We've also fitted more robust rear shocks to make sure they get through the journey. We've geared the bike to give you a greater cruising speed but also decreased the weight of the bike by stripping non-essential parts. Off-road tyres are fitted, a chrome speedo, comfortable seat, and a stronger headlight and horn. Not to mention a freshly rebuilt engine that's run-in and ready to go.  How's that for value for money!

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