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Self-guided Tours -

Choose your favourite bike, fill up the tank, and head to the hills!

Hit the road solo and experience Nepal at your own pace


Hearts & Tears allows experienced riders who can demonstrate genuine love and care for our Royal Enfields the opportunity to rent and undertake a self-guided tour. 


We also rent our 250cc dirt-bikes and retro Yamaha RX 2-strokes.


We include unlimited milage, safety gear (helmet, jacket, gloves) , a bike recovery service in the event of a breakdown, pannier bag, tools/spares kit, and we'll even throw in a mobile phone for your peace of mind.


Sit down with us in our clubhouse and we'll spend as long as you need to put together the perfect route for you to tour. We'll give you accommodation advice, destination information, and even make the bookings for you.

Rate:           Royal Enfield rental (350cc or 500cc) US$40 - 50/day

 Retro Yamaha RX US$20/day

 250cc Crossfire dirt-bike US$80/day


Inclusions: Bike insurance, riding gear, mobile phone, map, touring advice (accommodation, routes etc), pannier bag, tools/spares.


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