Matt (owner) and Jo (the boss)

Hearts & Tears aims to provide riders the opportunity to explore Nepal in the best way possible - on a motorcycle!


Hearts & Tears MC is a Nepali registered business and has maintained it's unique position as one of the few accredited foreign owned businesses involved in the Travels & Tours sector since 2006. We are based in Pokhara, Nepal, at the foothills of the Himalayas and the Annapurnas are our backyard. There is no other tour company who can boast such an intimate knowlege of the terrain, people, and culture which we want to share with you. The people who run the teahouses, hotels, small restaurants and workshops are our friends. This gives our riders an instant connection with the places we visit and characters we meet along the way. Tour companies which are based abroad and fly in and out perhaps once or twice a year unfortunately miss out on this beautiful aspect of being in Nepal.


There are also other motivations for Heart & Tears - one of them being the contribution to local development. Matt came to Nepal working for a local NGO in the water sanitation sector. Matt is a Chemical Engineer with a Master's in Environmental Engineering and specialises in waste water treatment.



After a year in Kathmandu in the aid sector, he realised the potential for the private sector to make a positive contribution to this beautiful country. Through local employment, staff training programs, fair-pay to local businesses and introducing western business practices such as superannuation and leave entitlements, he hopes to slowly but surely leave a positive legacy. 


There are also numerous other ways in which Hearts & Tears tries to 'give something back' such as sponsoring local schools and hospitals that we come across on remote rides. It doesn't take much to make a difference in Nepal and through conversation and example, we hope that some of the love we have for Nepal will rub off on the people we meet.

Meet Prabin. He's an absolute legend. Always with a smile, a joke to tell, and his understanding of both foreign culture and Nepal is incredible. Prabin has been with Hearts & Tears since 2014 year and is an integral part of our team. Before joining Hearts & Tears he was a trekking guide in the Everest region. He's a fantastic instructor, tour leader and is determined to give you the most enjoyable experience whilst you ride in Nepal.

Meet Surja - our head mechanic. We couldn't do what we do without him. He is always the first to arrive and last to leave with an unrivalled dedication. He also loves the open road and would happily support back-to-back tours all season unless we force him to take a day-off! We love this guy and his quirky personality and cheeky smile are just wonderful to have on tour.

Meet Manoj. He's been with Hearts & Tears for about 18 months now and is becoming an expert guide. His soft nature but sly sense of humour is great company on any tour. He is a smart fellow with a keen sense of group dynamics ensuring that you have a super time in Nepal. 

Meet Rajan - The newest member to the team. Having just returned from nearly 12 years abroad in Malayasia and the middle-east, Rajan knew his calling was back in Nepal. He speaks Indonesian, Malay, English, Hindi and Nepali of course. He is a hard worker and is learning all the basics starting in the workshop through to tour management and guiding. 

Meet Bishnu. The one and only. She's been working with Hearts & Tears since 2011 and is an absolute gem. Her main role is customer service, dealing with tour bookings and overseeing the day-to-day management of our clubhouse. Whatever your need may be, Bishnu is there to assist and ensure your time in Nepal is as easy and fun as possible.

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